The Custom Furniture Business: Creating Beautiful and Timeless Designs
Small businesses are the soul of America

More people are interested in buying locally made products than ever before. You can capitalize on many consumers’ return to local shopping by emphasizing that all components of your furniture are made in the United States, or in your town or area. The same applies to handmade goods. Individuals who are tired of mass-produced goods are often the same people who are interested in buying locally. Given this climate, it is a good time to start a handmade furniture business.
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We asked 31 notable New Yorkers about their therapists and are publishing their referrals in their own words.

Yemeni breakfast, unlimited hot pot, and the perfect parking lot for events.

Including local grandmothers and men in combat gear, this 40-member patrol watches for anti-Asian attacks in the neighborhood.

An architect favorite who has been likened to Jackson Pollock, a downtown go-to with a knack for color combinations, and more.

For restoring mid-century chairs, pattern-matching a couch, and more.

A new campaign by women day laborers is pushing for better working conditions, cleaning supplies, and PPE.

“Why settle for the probable when we could instead imagine what is possible?”

The two-bedroom apartment is packed with details inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, Joseph Eichler, and Eero Saarinen (among others).

Tom Burgess’s immense library of books gets recirculated.

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The pandemic closure allowed Lincoln Center to fast-track the rebuilding of the Philharmonic’s main auditorium.

Doug Meyer’s show imagines a fantastical escape from future pandemics and other threats.

Locals and donors are doing the day-to-day work of making it happen.

“You have to support the people who support you.”

Except with a nicer logo and an over-leveraged IPO.

It’s gonna be a little snug.

A colony for the homeless, isolated on an island in the East River.

Pixabay License Free for commercial use No attribution required The sun has started to shine, and it won’t be long until we are sitting in our gardens, enjoying a nice cold drink, and basking in the sunshine. Perhaps you have already had the chance to do so already? No matter what the case may be,...

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The post What Sort Of Things Can You Do To Improve Your Home For The Summer? appeared first on .

We have all been spending a lot of time in our homes as of late, haven’t we? Therefore, you will want to make sure that your home looks beautiful and feels comfortable. But, how can you do so without spending a fortune? Well, here are some small changes that will make a big difference in...

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Are you thinking about setting up a relaxing space in your home? Here are some of the options that you can consider.  Pixabay CCO License The Best Chair  You definitely need to choose the right chair for this space. There are lots of great chairs on the market and plenty of different styles to choose...

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If you are planning to renovate your home, start by thinking about why you need to do it.  With the changes in the housing market and a shift in customer demands, tastes, and preferences, it has become essential to focus on aspects that new homeowners love.  Without the right knowledge, you can easily find yourself...

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Buying a home is a huge decision, and whether it’s the first time you’re doing it or you’ve moved plenty in the past, getting it right is vital. Imagine if you made the wrong choice when it came to buying your next property; you would feel miserable, you would have spent a lot of money...

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There’s a bigger, better idea sitting right in front of us.

“Not a hope in hell”: Eighty-eight brokers and landlords are caught on tape rejecting housing vouchers.

NYCHA insists they were removed only for the time being.

“My industry is called outdoor advertising and people were being told not to go outdoors”

Part 8 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.

Part 7 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.

Part 11 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.

Part 10 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.

Part 9 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.

Part 12 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.

A new vendor will be replacing the famed Lower East Side flea market.

Part 14 or 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.

Part 13 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.

Part 15 of 15 proposals to help us remember the pandemic’s toll.

Joe Lucas and David Heikka’s cozy West Village rental.

Remembering the critic and architect — who died a year ago this week — and revisiting his book Exquisite Corpse.

“I’m not selling drugs. I’m a hot-dog guy.”

Heaps of dead mice, sludge everywhere, and sometimes “a blast of piss gas right up in your face.”

Photo by cotton bro from pexels  If you think about it, the air you breathe while inside your house may worsen than it is outdoors. As much as you keep the environment clean and pollution-free, your indoor air quality affects your health the most. Dander from your pets, pollen, and burning fuels all within the...

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When you reach the point that you want to sell the house you’ve been living in for a few years, you may want to consider making upgrades to change the way that your home looks to add value. Those upgrades may feel like you’re chucking away money on a property you are going to be...

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There are plenty of benefits to making the move to a more energy-efficient home. One of the biggest reasons is to combat the impact that we humans have on our local environment thanks to our reliance on fossil fuels, but it can also greatly cut your own costs of living by reducing your energy bills....

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Are you thinking about improvements you can make to your home? If so, then you should definitely explore the options to make your property more green friendly. People are often put off by this idea because they think it’s going to be difficult and perhaps more importantly – expensive. We’re happy to say that’s not...

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Your home is your sanctuary – your place of safety, away from the outside world. Many people spend thousands of dollars on modernizing the inside of their house, which is brilliant; after all, you live on the inside and should therefore always be the top priority. But, what many don’t give a second thought to...

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Inside the sunny Flatiron District loft where the late artist painted for 40 years.

Selected pieces from four new design exhibitions and one crowdsourced Instagram account focused on graphic design finds

Are you decluttering, recluttering, or both?

Revisiting the apartment where things started getting real.

Give your business a name. Name your business something that indicates what you sell. This will come in handy later on, when you are marketing your business and want people to associate your business name with handmade furniture.
File a DBA, which stands for “doing business as,” at your local county clerk’s office. You may want to do a search to ensure that no other business in your town is operating under the same name. If you live in a large metropolitan area, a search is a necessity.
Create a line of furniture. You’ll need to have models of each piece of furniture that you intend to sell, so that customers can easily visualize what you have to offer. Add to your furniture line each year so that your stock stays fresh and on-trend.